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05 Oct

Private Company Information

Private Company Information

In engineering companies north east too, we can fall back to well-founded know-how and many years of experience. ACEC has pledged to utilize its member associations across Canada in assisting firms in developing appropriate integrity management systems and best practices, while recognizing that the required level of detail and complexity may vary among firms. For more special purpose machinery information or various needs please feel free to contact us, the leading supplier of special purpose machines! North Wales based Waterco has operated since 1998 and targets water engineering, drainage style and flood risk. An available industrial area was bought in Rheinböllen, today where the company continues to be located.

And since we style and develop all our control systems in-house, right down to board level, we support our electronics for ten to fifteen years-not just six or nine months like others do. And also the mechanical design we’re able to compliment this with an up-to-date Pneumatics-Hydraulics or Electrical Control system, to include any necessary switchgear, PLCs, touchscreen and guards etc. AutoLog RTUs are used successfully in many remote monitoring and control software areas like oil & water tank level monitoring, gas wellheads and pipeline stations, pumping stations, environmental monitoring, flood detection systems, building automation, bus pits, district heating systems, base station and power station monitoring, cold station monitoring, circulation meter monitoring etc. Appearing fourth in both top Upcoming Engineering and Engineer Equality lists, Reading based Peter Brett targets its personnel heavily. the specific needs of customer applications.

Along with the in house hardware, we have highly respected pneumatic specialists and design engineers to assist with the designs and programming of your special purpose machine. Requiring professional installation, Control4 is certainly a robust, scalable house automation system which can be wireless or hardwired, depending on your needs. Also for readers who aren’t mechanical engineers, businesses like TAEVision and Chemtech Multimedia can be familiar.…